Teaching Grant

The OAYTC teaching grant supports two-year college professors and administrators with teaching responsibilities at accredited Ohio two-year member institutions to develop projects that enhance teaching and learning in their classrooms. Any two-year college professor, full- or part-time, who is member of the OATYC or whose Institution is an OATYC member is eligible for the grant. The proposal process will open for 2022 in March 2022. Deadline for proposals is May 31, 2022. The winner(s) will be announced during the fall conference. The winner(s) will have the chance to receive one grant at $1,500 maximum.

Teaching Awards

Each year OATYC recognizes outstanding faculty through the OATYC John Fallon Early Teacher of the Year Award, Full Time Teacher of the Year Award, and Adjunct Faculty of the Year Award.

Davis-Zimmerman Student Scholarship Awards

The Davis-Zimmerman Student Scholarship provides financial support to outstanding students from the conference host college.