The OAYTC teaching grant supports two-year college professors and administrators with teaching responsibilities at accredited Ohio two-year member institutions to develop projects that enhance teaching and learning in their classrooms. Any two-year college professor teaching in Ohio, full- or part-time, is eligible for the grant. Applicants will have the chance to receive one grant per year at $1,500 maximum.


The applicant will submit to the Committee Chair, Christy Culver (, a typed proposal, 3 pages maximum, that includes the following sections:

  • The purpose of the proposal: Define the goal for the project, intended participants,¬†levels of classes, etc.

  • Statement of the problem to be addressed by the project, i.e. a rationale

  • Implementation plan: Include timetable, teaching methods, materials to be used,¬†assessment tools, budget details, etc.

Selection Criteria

The contents presented in the project proposal will be evaluated based on the following criterion:

  • Innovation 10 points

  • Feasibility of the implementation plan 10 points

  • Merit/Value to student learning 30 points

  • Quality (including evaluation) 10 points

Proposal Submission

Complete proposal should be submitted to the Committee Chair, Christy Culver (, on or before May 1, 2023.

  • Evaluation committee decision will be approved by the OATYC Board.

  • Upon acceptance of grant proposal 75% of the grant money will be paid in August.

  • Project work should begin during the fall term of that year.

  • Winner will be announced and introduced at the annual October OATYC Conference

  • Final project report will be presented during the awards ceremony at the conference the following year.

  • Upon the presentation, the remaining 25% of the grant will be paid to the recipient.¬†Grant monies are considered as honorarium or as acknowledgement of extra time commitment by grant recipient. However, the grant is not intended for individual research or conference attendance.