7:45a – 8:45a
Registration & Breakfast
7:45a – 12:45p
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8:45a – 9:45a
Welcome / Keynote
10:00a – 10:30a

[Session A]

The Connection Project (Recipient OATYC Grant 2018)
Primrose Igonor, Deb Myers, & Shannon Niedzwicki, Marion Technical College
The Connection Project at MTC aims to provide resources to the non-traditional student, offering strategic community outreach through human and social development programs, and creating more pathways to MTC. The strategic community outreach partners involved in The Connection Project include both JFS, Marion Matters’ Getting Ahead Program and Marion Public Library which hosts part of Ohio’s ASPIRE’s program offered through MTC.

Let’s Play PowerPoint Jeopardy!
Gerry Nemeth, Cuyahoga Community College
Playing PowerPoint Jeopardy is an excellent way to review for an exam and get students engaged!

#IDK? Why do users type @? What is a hashtag?
Dr. Sandra Fuline, Stark State College
Build rapport with your students through social media websites. A basic overview will be provided of LinkedIN, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, MyFitnessPal, and Runkeeper. How can you use social media in the classroom to build a platform which engages students on a new level but still keeps it professional? No matter your area of expertise, you can learn to incorporate social media platforms in the classroom. Attendees are encouraged to have the above applications downloaded to their cell phones before attending the session. Bonus! Have you used the Remind app yet?

Financial Aid- Friends, Not Foes
Reba Bartrug and Carrie Thrash, Washington State Community College
Admissions and financial aid offices can work together to create a welcoming environment for new and continuing students.

Growth Mindset—a 75-minute (one class) Active Learning / Collaborative Assignment
John Fallon, Rhodes State College
This presentation will provide attendees with a growth mindset assignment (including handouts and directions) which showcases the use of active learning and collaboration techniques in the classroom to teach a growth mindset.

10:45a – 11:15a

[Session B]

Helping Students Find Their Voice; Best Practices in Research Based Instruction
Dr. Mark Taylor, M.S.W., Taylor Programs

Bloom’s Blitz: Active Learning Techniques to Assess your Students
Stacey Souther, Cuyahoga Community College
This session will take participants on a “Blitz” through Bloom’s six levels while providing a suggestion of a multi-disciplinary active learning technique for each level.

Engaging Students via Chatbot: 24/7 Technology for a 24/7 world
Chase Beach, FATV
Do you struggle with student engagement? Are you and your team overworked and under-resourced? Do you have pressure on budgets: to do more with less, and to leverage technology? Come hear how FATV has built the largest student services chatbot network in the U.S. Schools are improving customer service, reducing the burden on staff, extending office hours to 24.7.365, and reducing the cost of answering repetitive, transactional questions by implementing artificially intelligent chatbots.

Exam Post-Mortem: Bringing Study Skills Back to Life
Dr. Rhea Busick & Jeannette Passmore, Rhodes State College
Utilizing ‘Post-Mortem” exam reviews to foster better student understanding of test taking skills and course content.

11:30a – 12:00p

[Session C]

Helping Students Succeed: The Role of Engagement in Student Persistence
Dr. Mark Taylor, M.S.W., Taylor Programs

“We’ll need an entourage” A team approach to supporting students while overcoming the hurdles of Upward Bound
Marjorie Riley-Morrison & Leanne Hoppe, Cuyahoga Community College
When Life gives you lemons…This session looks at how an entourage overcame a funding challenge through multiple layers of supportive teamwork to become a thriving entity.

Making Connections Come Alive at MTC – An Innovative Community Partnership to Help Students Succeed
Heath Ring, MTC Student Resource Navigator, Marion Area Employer Resource Network and Trish Frazzini, MSSA, LSW, Marion Technical College
MTC recognizes that students often face challenges outside of the classroom which impact their academic success. MTC’s community partnerships are creating a true “Student Ready College.” Students experiencing food insecurity, housing insecurity or homelessness, transportation issues, limited access to childcare, substance abuse, family challenges, or any issue that interferes with school performance, has access to our Student Resource Navigator in MTC’s emerging “Connections Center.” These services are also available for MTC employees. This approach synthesizes the work gleaned from Amarillo College’s Advocacy & Resource Center, Marion City’s Employee Resource Network, and work of Ruby Payne’s Bridges Out of Poverty movement.

Using Jigsaw in the Classroom: Engaging Students in the Learning and Teaching Process
Melissa Resnick & Joe Wagner, Cuyahoga Community College
During this session, faculty will learn how to showcase their students’ voices through an exciting collaborative learning activity called the Jigsaw Classroom.

‘You Want Us to Build WHAT?!’: How 8 students designed and deployed a project management application in just 15 weeks
James Jarc & Kris Read, Central Ohio Technical College
Learn how facilitators used a three-day design sprint and Agile methodologies to guide students through identifying problems, designing prototypes and deploying a fully functional project management tool used at the University.

12:15p – 12:45p

[Session D]

Leading in the Academic Workplace
Dr. Mark Taylor, M.S.W., Taylor Programs

Build Your Entourage
Debbie Gurtis & Carrie Thrash, Washington State Community College
School counselors are a vital part of the college search process; establishing, developing, and growing a relationship with these key stakeholders is critical to including two-year schools in the discussion.

“Lift Ev’ry Voice” – Collaborative and Community support of ADP
Dr. Victoria Berry & Vincent Briley, Cuyahoga Community College
The Adult Diploma Program is an innovative, mission-driven program that leverages the use of community partners, social media, alumni and donors to re-engage adult learners.

Achieving Success: The Athletic Learning Community
Dr. Vincent Granito, Jr. & James Powers, Lorain County Community College
The Adult Diploma Program is an innovative, mission-driven program that leverages the use of community partners, social media, alumni and donors to re-engage adult learners.

Uniting Our Voices with Purpose: Rapport- and Skill-building in Ohio Community College Writing Centers
Shannon McKeehen, Stark State College
This PowerPoint presentation covers my qualitative research so far concerning how community college writing center tutors feel they best reach the students they serve -- and what they have identified as problem areas in need of professional development.

12:45p – 2:30p
Lunch & Awards